Being the company's fair general is a wonderfully fun assignment - and a real challenge. In a few or a few hundred square meters, you have to summarize and sell everything that your company stands for - in a way that stalls compete in the sky. We will help you! Our subsidiary PEN Interiör is one of the Nordic region's leading total supplier of trade show booths and related events. With many years of experience, our employees at PEN interior know how to drive traffic at the stand and create strategic points for meetings and conversations. The finished proposal is visualized in 3D so that you and your colleagues can experience the booth even before production. The booth is then manufactured by close partners, transported and built up anywhere in the world. Everything sharp under the personal and controlled management of experienced and confident project managers, in a customer-close collaboration. You and your team arrive at a ready booth and are able to focus peacefully on your participation.

What sets a PEN interior stand apart from others is that the creative and personal expression is always there. But you don't have to hit big to get something unique. We also offer a variety of standard systems that can be customized to your wishes and brand. Rent or buy! The stand can also be stored between the trade shows.