We have tasted everything. Restaurant concepts are complex in both design and execution, with high demands on experience and functionality. The subsidiary PEN Interior is a complete supplier of restaurant interiors with the competence to be responsible for the entire contract - from idea and manufacture to construction and installation of interior and kitchen. Our other subsidiary PEN products has provided countless customers in restaurant, catering and hotels with restaurant furniture, restaurant decor, kitchen appliances and utensils throughout the years. Pen products offer a wide range of affordable, quality products and solutions that simplify the working day for all types of restaurants and hotels. The products are ordered directly from the factory. So that expensive intermediaries are prevented.

Both subsidiaries PEN interior and PEN products, also know what it takes to successfully integrate restaurants and cafes into retail environments, with good flows that entice customers to stay long. Our project managers specialize in specific restaurants and know the requirements of the restaurateurs. A guided restaurant visit in 2D or 3D for customers and investors - before construction starts - can also be on the menu.