We are appreciated for our creative interiors, for ideas and solutions that are a little out of the ordinary. At the design department at PEN interior, both architects and designers work, which means that we can always take a holistic approach - from the spatial design to color, form and graphic expression. Our designers are happy to help in all parts and business areas and often lend knowledge to our other subsidiary, PEN products. Together with us, you get to follow the entire creative process through sketches, real-life renderings and 3D visualizations. At PEN interior we work in the market's foremost program and can offer you a decision basis beyond the ordinary.

Our creators are also knowledgeable and experienced in marketing communication and know what factors drive visits and sales in different types of environments. As a customer, you always have access to our inspirational design team - regardless of the size of your project. If you are used to working with your own architect or design agency, you can expect a prestigious collaboration with our open and positive staff.